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The box 'learns' your driving style and so when you buy a used DSG the style of the previous driver remains. This is often why it can feel a bit wooly. My friend's R32 would occasionally select first in slow right handers, and I found mine hesitant on some down changes. Two resets later, two transformed cars.

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My 2017 Octavia estate had the same problem but Skoda fixed it free of charge 36000 miles on the clock. There was no quibble about the fix they just booked it in and did it. ... I have the very same on my Skoda fabia dsg intermittent problem flashe up for a second or so ,leaved a warning triangle on screen which disappears at next start up.

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Finally reverse acted up again. The code is P2711 004. T travmad Member Joined Oct 8, 2014 Location Pennsylvania USA TDI 2001 jetta tdi, 2006 jetta tdi Oct 22, 2014 #9 New development, Today after idling and putting the car in park the transmission started jerking as though it was shifting in and out of gear. Of course I just shut it off. M.

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Posted 8 August, 2014 (edited) Treat it like a manual, so with handbrake applied and foot on footbrake select reverse. Take foot off footbrake, this will engage the clutch, now release handbrake, apply a little throttle and the car will go backwards without creeping forward at all. The clutch will not engage until you release the footbrake, so.

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2019. 3. 22. · Joined: Dec 2016. 9 04-20-2019, 03:00 AM. yes usually the 6/R bearings of the selector fork (upper Left corner) in this gearbox goes bad making it unable to move left to right , replacing the bearings fixes this, also you will loose all even gears and no reverse when this kind of problem happens, glad you got fixed!. a3 3.2 DSG problem. Thread starter r8umar; Start date Jan 25, 2013; R. r8umar Registered User. Jan 25, 2013 ... I lift my foot off the brake while in reverse but no movement. All other gears work fine. Any ideas people? Thanks . NULL. R. r8umar Registered User. Jan 26, 2013 #2 anyoneee help me pleaseeeeeee . NULL. R.

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Reverse problems. You may hear a grinding sound when you select Reverse gear. This means the gear shifting mechanism is about to die. Some gears don't engage. You may see or feel that your vehicle gets stuck in a certain gear. For example, it can just stop shifting after it comes to the 5th gear. Something is wrong with the control module.

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